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What is Chrysalis? (Chris - ah - liss)

Chrysalis is a term you may have heard before in regards to the process of transformation by which a caterpillar turns into a butterfly...we believe all human change is much like this same transformation. The word chrysalis actually refers to the safe and protected environment which is necessary for the change/transformation to occur. We provide that safe space and counselors who assist clients through their transformation and changes.

Why are we called "Recovery Center" ? Our name does not mean that everyone needs to recover. We are not bias is assuming everyone is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Our name means that this is a place where recovery can, and does happen on a daily basis - and for those who need it, our goal is to provide it.  Really, we are a counseling center but the name was already chosen as recovery center. 

 Since we have added the IDCMP - DWI program to our facility - we have become much more aware of the fact that a DWI is often a bad choice for some, while for others - their addiction is out of control. For others, they find themselves in the middle. Chrysalis Recovery Center offers to everyone a place to examine themselves and their current habits, and we offer the assistance to recover from unhealthy addictions, habits or even poor choices. Everyone can benefit from speaking to counselors at Chrysalis!

Chrysalis Recovery Center, LLC is a counseling center that has been transforming lives in New Hampshire since 2009.

In addition to being a State approved Impaired Driver Care Management Program (IDCMP) for DWI/DUI offenders we are the only program in the state with private single rooms and bathrooms, however our Northwood location with overnight classroom accommodations is temporarily closed due to Covid at this time.  We also offer an array of counseling services in our 4 locations in Concord, Franklin, Manchester and Northwood NH, however all sessions are done over the phone and telehealth at this time due to COVID.

We also offer: Intensive Outpatient Programs, DWI aftercare counseling, Military Family Transitions and Reintegration Counseling, Veteran Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Dual Diagnosis Counseling, Anger Management, Mental Health Counseling, Groups, Evaluations, Assessments, Stress Management, Budgeting, Parenting skills, Vocational Assistance and more.

Our counselors have specialties in many areas, please explore our website to learn more about us and programs we offer, as well as funded programs we are providers of such as; NH Public Defenders reimbursement for Evaluations, NH DCYF/Juvenile Probation reimbursement for Evaluations, and the DATA program low cost options. We also are preferred providers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cigna, NH Medicaid, WellSense, Ambetter, NH Healthy Families and Ameri-Health.

We have been blessed with caring and compassionate counselors, therapists, recovery mentors and treatment team staff. Chrysalis counselors help you and your loved ones determine the best course of treatment that fits your busy lifestyle and personal, family and recovery needs. 

Chrysalis Staff:

Kirsten is the founder/owner and is the Director of Chrysalis Recovery Center, LLC (CRC-IDCMP) which first opened in April 2009.


She has been licensed as a substance abuse counselor in 3 different states (AZ, MA and NH), since 2004, and has been working in substance abuse services since 1997.  She is a Certified Anger Management Trainer (CAMT) and is Certified as a SAP - Substance Abuse Professional for the Department of Transportation for DOT Evaluations and Counseling.


She started Chrysalis because she believed that everyone has the power to change, and she wanted to help be someone that makes a difference in the lives of the clients and staff around her. 


She does not currently provide counseling services to clients ,and does evaluations currently for: IDCMP evaluations, SAP evaluations, LADC and Anger Management Evaluations only, at this time.

Kirsten works fulltime at Chrysalis and despite her position she still works with clients daily because that is something that she truly loves.

You may reach Kirsten at


Direct Line:  603-369-6433


Dr. George Bortnick is the full time clinical director for the agency.


George has a PhD in General Psychology and a Masters in Human Services. He is a MLADC and an impaired driver service provider (IDSP) and he is certified in anger management (CAMT).  He also is  SAP - Substance Abuse Professional for DOT or safety sensitive SAP evaluations.  


He has been a college professor for a number of years,  he has worked in drug court for a number of years, he has spent years in substance abuse and mental health treatment, and he has also had a private practice for the past 15 years and has worked in a wide range of treatment services. 


You can reach George at

603-998-4210 x 130



Kyle is responsible for doing the compliances, non-compliances and completions for the IDCMP program and he ensures everyone has completed all aspects of the program and helps staff ensure compliance with the rules that govern IDCMP.  He has worked within the IDCMP since 2013,  so he can answer almost any question you have about the IDCMP process and steps.  He has trained all of our Intake Coordinators and been one himself for many years.  


Kyles background is that he worked for years in collections and college admissions and banking for about 6 years before becoming a carpenter/contractor.  He spent almost 10 years in the Boston Carpenters Union before joining Chrysalis.


He also handles all of our facilities and maintenance and all renovations and repairs or construction renovations of our spaces as well.


You can reach Kyle at      or




Jen is our weekend WIDEP instructors. She has been teaching prime for life for more than 15 years and does a wonderful job making the weekend overnight program fun, educational and welcoming. She even does a fire on Saturday nights if you are staying overnight at the Northwood WIDEP!


Jenn has her MBA and she also is completing on her PhD in Clinical Psychology.


Jen is an IDEP - Impaired Driver Education Provider.


You can reach Jen at



Alyse has her Bachelors degree from Keene State College in Psychology and an AS in addictions. 


She has worked for a number of years in residential substance abuse treatment and she is months away from having her LADC as all of her hours are almost complete.


We are thrilled to have such a vibrant counselor working with us at Chrysalis! 


Alyse can be reached at:

Or 603-998-4210 x 131

Direct Line:  603-696-5120

Haley has her associates degree and she is a current student in a Bachelors in Psychology program. 


Haley is actively working towards her CRSW.  She plans on going for her LADC next.


She will be moving into doing the DWI / IDCMP intakes as an intake coordinator in early summer 2023.


Haley is super helpful,  kind, and very responsive and attentive to all the clients in our program.  She makes the process for both DWI clients and counseling clients a breeze to enroll and to get all questions answered quickly.  Clients adore her kindness and consistency of answering all calls, messages, emails etc promptly.


You can reach Haley at:

603-998-4210 x 100

Direct Line:  603-369-6330

Brad has two Masters degrees - 


a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Masters of Arts in Human Services Counseling : Marriage and Family from Liberty University.  


Brad is a Board Certified Christian Counselor BCCC#1261 by the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counseling.  


He is also a Board Certified Mental Health Coach BCMHC#1681 by the Board of Mental Health Coaching.


He has passed the ICRC exam and is currently working towards licensure as a LADC/MLADC and he has years working in mental health and substance abuse services and counseling in both residential and outpatient treatment.


You may reach Brad at:

603-998-4210 x 106

Direct Line:  603-664-4202







Naomi has two Bachelors degrees from Keene State College, one is a BA in Psychology and one is a BS in Health Sciences.


She is a second year student at SNHU where she is currently in the Masters in Counseling program.


She has just a few more hours to complete to obtain her LADC degree which she has been working on hours for the past couple years.


She has experience working with drug court, residential treatment and mental health and substance abuse treatment both in groups and individual counseling.


We are thrilled to have Naomi join Chrysalis on her journey.



You may reach Naomi at:

603-998-4210 x 129

Direct Line:  603-696-2522



Elijah has a BS in Criminal Justice from  and has worked in law enforcement and the criminal justice field before coming to Chrysalis.  He is currently working towards his CRSW and LADC.


He recently took the Prime for Life training and will begin teaching our IDCMP 20 hour education course in the Spring 2023.


He currently conducts all of the IDCMP intakes for clients who have had a DWI offense and in fall 2023, he will begin doing the IDCMP evaluations.


You may reach Elijah at:

603-998-4210 x 108

Direct Line:  603-369-6436



Monali is  LADC and a CRSW who has worked for years in the SUD field.


She has a Bachelors in Psychology from Southern NH University and she expects to have her LADC in summer 2023  She is planning on starting her Masters degree summer 2023, also in Counseling.


She has years of experience working in the field and has worked with veterans, homeless outreach, residential and outpatient and hospital based programs.


Monali works with Chrysalis fulltime.



You may reach Monali at:

603-998-4210 x 128

Direct Line:  603-825-5458


Jason is passionate about sharing recovery with others.  He comes to us with over 20 years of construction experience and has undergone a career change to help others seeking recovery.


He is currently working on trainings to obtain his CRSW in Fall 2023.


He is working as a case manager in the IDCMP and he will be the Sober Living Coordinator of our Northwood facility once that is up and running also in the Fall 2023.  With his construction experience, he is also helping update Northwood for its new journey of sober living.


He will be part of various aspects of the program, working to co-facilitate groups, classes, talking to clients as a recovery coach/mentor and case manager and assisting clients in finding recovery resources and supports.


You may reach Jason at

603-998-4210 x132

Direct Line:  603-696-4045

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