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Comments From Clients at Our Northwood IDCMP

This is what our clients have said about our program on anonymous exit surveys. We have not altered their responses in any way. Additionally, 100% of our clients say they would recommend their friends and loved ones to our program.

"This weekend has blown me away with the surprising, comfortable, non-judgmental feeling here and great hospitality! It’s amazing how close you can grow to perfect strangers in such short time."

"Above and beyond what I expected. Really good experience. I really enjoyed this weekend! Wow - wonderful meals!"

"Exceed expectations. Eye opening. Therapeutic. Safe."

"It was a really great experience, I definitely left with a different attitude than I entered with."

"Very pleasant, pretty laid back, not as stressful and upsetting as I anticipated."

"Informative, friendly, very helpful and moving experience. Room and bathroom was very nice, comfortable. Amenities far exceeded expectations."

"I felt so comfortable here! Great space to learn. I feel great about my experience. Fantastic group and excellent counselors!"

"Excellent bedroom and program, exceeded expectations. Just a wonderful enlightening experience. Went from punishment to opportunity."

"Very informative, learned a lot, instructors very knowledgeable."

"Pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the accommodations."

"I came here pretty close minded and dreading this - definitely a bit cynical about this whole ordeal. But I feel I got so much out of it, and leaving here today I have made friends and really connected with people. Hearing others stories was huge."

"Informative and more enjoyable than expected. Meals were better than expected too!"

"Great experience. Educational. Informative. Welcoming."

"Very nice calming room."

"Instructors were great and made it a lot easier than I thought it would be."

"I enjoyed this experience very much."

"Meals were 5 Stars - I still cannot get over the great food."

"I feel this has been a very beneficial program and lots of useful information was learned."

"Very clean and comfortable environment."

"Inspirational. Informative. Advantageous. Bedrooms were perfect, meals were great."

"Meals were better than home"

"More than I expected. Helped me to leave not feeling as bad about myself as a person. Knowing my choices"

"Thank you for the great experience, I will take what I have learned and use it"

"Amazing. Great job. Made friends and lots of positive coping skills. Ate too much great food too - lol."

"Informative, useful and actually kind of fun. You guys do great work, I am so glad I came here instead of somewhere else."

“I would like to thank Leo and Donna for their time and respect."

"Informative and honest. Rooms were clean and tidy."

"An amazing experience. The instructor’s honesty was truly inspiring. Being taught by someone who understands was outstanding."

"Academic, positive learning experience. Wonderful accommodations. Best teachers ever!"

"Very informative and heartwarming. I would change nothing about this program. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

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