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Documents You Will Need For the IDCMP Program

Start getting these documents right away because they are required.  In 2024 new laws/rules will change what is needed so be aware by reading below.  We are updating our site to reflect the new c


Certified Driving Record from the State of New Hampshire

If you had a DWI in NH, or you had a NH drivers license when you had a DWI in another state, you will need to order your NH driving record.  If you have been licensed in NH, you order it online, and within 3-5 business days they mail it to you (or to us if you like) and then you upload to the portal.  If you have not been licensed in NH you will need to print the form below and mail it in with $15 check.

DMV for Other States

If you have ever had a DWI in another state, you will also need to obtain that states driving record.  NH also requires that you turn in the driving record for any state you were licensed in when you had the DWI.  Below are the most common states people need driving records from.

Arrest report

You will need to contact the police department that arrested you for DWI/OUI/DUI

Request from the police department your "discovery" - that is a packet that includes your Arrest Report and Narrative as well as the Form of Refusal or the BAC or Blood tests, your criminal record, and compliant/charges at arrest.  Upload the PDF, or pictures of each page to the portal.

Court Order

You will need to supply either the Court Order of Conviction  - or if you don't have that you can order a Case Summary from the courts.

Following conviction of DUI/DWI/OUI - you are given paperwork that day which is the Court Order of Conviction.

If your conviction is in another state, you will need to call the court where you were convicted if you do not have the court order.

If you have lost your NH Court Order, you can order it for free - and it will be emailed to you the same day you call the NH Courts.  

Call 1-855-212-1234 and request your DWI Case Summary.  When they email you the PDF please upload to the portal.

Proof of Hardship

If you receive TANF, SSDI, SSI, APTD or VA Disability

Once you provide proof of being on one of the following, then you will qualify for hardship discounts.  Proof must be submitted prior to intake/screening to qualify for hardship discount which is a savings of $220 in the IDCMP program.

Proof of Veteran or Active Duty

Thank you for your service!  Chrysalis honors our Veterans and active duty service men and women

If you provide proof of veteran or active duty status, we offer 10% off intake/screening, evaluation and counseling services.

 CRC's  - Impaired Driver Care Management Program (IDCMP)

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